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Bear Hunting in Ontario’s Sunset Country: A Warm Adventure in Nature’s Embrace

Ontario’s Sunset Country region, with its splendid mix of pristine wilderness and abundant black bear population, beckons outdoor enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable bear hunting experience. This breathtaking region is an ideal setting for hunters eager to explore its enchanting landscapes and immerse themselves in nature’s warm embrace.

As hunters venture into Sunset Country, they’ll be captivated by the area’s vivid beauty, featuring serene lakes, lush forests, and spectacular sunsets. The awe-inspiring scenery and rich natural tapestry set the stage for a truly memorable adventure.

Hunting in this region is about more than the thrill of the chase; it’s an opportunity to learn about the black bears and their fascinating habitat. Expert local guides share their wisdom and safety tips, ensuring a responsible and successful hunt while fostering a deeper appreciation for the bears and their environment.

The camaraderie among hunters in the Sunset Country region is a treasured aspect of the experience. As they gather around a roaring campfire, exchanging stories and recounting the day’s adventures, they’ll form lasting bonds and strengthen their connection to nature.

Embarking on a bear hunt in Ontario’s Sunset Country is a warm adventure that offers hunters the chance to engage with nature, challenge their skills, and create cherished memories. The region’s striking beauty and thriving bear population make it a must-visit destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a truly remarkable experience.

Black Bear Hunting

Sunset Country Bear Hunting English River, Ignace, Pickle Lake, Savant Lake, Sioux Lookout, Dryden, Wabigoon, Eagle River, Red Lake, Ear Falls, Perrault Lake, Kenora, Minaki, Sioux Narrows, Nestor Falls, Fort Frances, Rainy River, Emo, Atikokan, and Quetico Park Hunting Lodges.

Wilderness Air Escapes
What does it mean to embark on a remote trophy black bear hunting adventure? First, it involves areas without roads and exclusive territories where the animals have seldom, if ever, been pursued. Wilderness Air Escapes’ fly-in hunting trips provide unmatched experiences surrounded by the beauty of nature. Northwestern Ontario serves as an ideal habitat for black bears, boasting a flourishing population waiting for you.  Choose between bow or rifle bear hunts within our exclusive bear hunting zones

Andersons Lodge
Our commitment to quality is never compromised and extends to our exclusive Bear hunt. His hunt provides you with a specialist to guide you on an ARCHERY, MUZZLE-LOADER, RIFLE, or SHOTGUN adventure designed to suit your appetite. Call us today toll-free at 1-800-465-1098 to find out more information on this incredible hunting adventure.

Big North Lodge
Big North Lodge offers great hunting for black bear, deer, duck, grouse and geese.

Canada North Lodge
At Canada North Lodge, we offer a variety of hunting packages along with knowledge and expertise to give you the best shot on your next black bear hunt. Come hunt in some of the most beautiful landscape Ontario has to offer and make your next trip memorable.

Lac Seul’s Evergreen Lodge
Bear, moose, duck and grouse hunting north of Kenora and Dryden. Come north to a real wilderness experience where the forest meets the northwestern shores of great Lac Seul. We hunt in hundreds of square miles of pristine Canadian wilds where Bear, Moose and Grouse flourish.