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Bear Hunting Outfitters near Nakina, Manitouwadge, Longlac, Jellicoe, Geraldton, Orient Bay, Marathon, Thunder Bay, Armstrong, Upsula, Nipigon and Allanwater Hunting Camps

Wild Goose Lake Resort
A wilderness, drive-to resort near Geraldton in north western Ontario. Housekeeping cottages. We have great fall hunting for black bear, moose and grouse.

Ontario Black Bear Hunts

Bear Hunting in Ontario’s North of Superior Region: Embracing the Rugged Wild

Ontario’s North of Superior region provides a magnificent backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled bear hunting adventure. This vast, remote wilderness is home to a thriving black bear population, offering hunters a thrilling opportunity to test their skills in a rugged and untamed landscape.

As hunters explore the North of Superior region, they’ll be captivated by the area’s rugged beauty, with its dense boreal forests, dramatic cliffs, and pristine waterways. The spectacular scenery and remote wilderness evoke a sense of wonder, promising a truly unforgettable experience.

Hunting in this region is about more than the excitement of the chase; it’s an opportunity to learn about the black bears and their remarkable habitat. Knowledgeable local guides provide valuable insights and safety tips, ensuring a responsible and successful hunt while deepening hunters’ appreciation for the bears and their environment.

The camaraderie among hunters in the North of Superior region is a cherished aspect of the experience. As they gather around a crackling campfire, sharing stories and recounting the day’s adventures, they’ll forge new friendships and strengthen their connection to nature.

Embarking on a bear hunt in Ontario’s North of Superior region is an incredible adventure that offers hunters the chance to engage with nature, challenge their abilities, and create lasting memories. The region’s rugged beauty and abundant bear population make it an irresistible destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a truly extraordinary experience.