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Bear Hunting in Ontario’s Near North Blue Sky Region: A Delightful Journey into the Wild

Ontario’s Near North Blue Sky region, encompassing New Liskeard, Temagami, South River, Loring, and Restoule, provides a stunning backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts seeking an exceptional bear hunting adventure. This captivating region is home to a thriving black bear population, offering hunters an exciting opportunity to immerse themselves in the area’s natural beauty.

The Near North Blue Sky region’s lush forests, serene lakes, and picturesque landscapes create an enchanting atmosphere that appeals to the adventurous spirit. As hunters traverse the terrain, they’ll feel a sense of wonder and awe, knowing they’re exploring a truly remarkable corner of the world.

Hunting in this region is about more than the exhilaration of the chase; it’s also an opportunity to learn about the complex ecosystem that supports these magnificent creatures. Experienced local guides provide valuable insights and safety tips, ensuring a responsible and successful hunt while deepening the hunters’ appreciation for the bears and their environment.

The camaraderie among hunters in the Near North Blue Sky region adds to the richness of the experience. As they gather around a campfire to share stories and recount the day’s events, they’ll forge new friendships and develop a deeper connection to nature.

Embarking on a bear hunt in Ontario’s Near North Blue Sky region is a delightful journey into the wild, offering hunters a chance to challenge their skills, engage with nature, and create lasting memories. The area’s breathtaking beauty and thriving bear population make it a must-visit destination for any outdoor enthusias

Temagami Bear Hunts

Bear Hunting Camps and Lodges near North Bay, New Liskeard, Temagami, South River, Loring, Restoule, Callander, Field, Sturgeon Falls and River Valley

Adrenaline Bear Hunts
Offerings a variety of bear hunting hunting expeditions for the true outdoorsman. Our fall black bear hunt provides the opportunity to pursue bear over well baited areas. We have exclusive rights for nonresidents to hunt black bear in our  bear management area (BMA) which is over 260 square kilometers in size. Packages include complete guiding, active baits, bait and hunt orientation and accommodation in nearby comfortable housekeeping cottages.

Camp Horizon
Moose and bear hunting north of Sturgeon Falls and North Bay. Picture a quiet lake… sitting with a fishing pole in your hand…t he stillness of the forest as you wait with gun or bow…a variety of wildlife…the colorful splendor of the autumn leaves…the crisp fresh air of a winter’s day… Camp Horizon has it all! Camp Horizon is located 40 miles northwest of North Bay, on beautiful Lake Muskosung – the only bear hunting camp operating on the lake. We have been your hosts for the past 25 years.

Island Lake Camp
Hunting for moose, duck, grouse and black bear near Sturgeon Falls and North Bay. Housekeeping cottages and guides available. Pets OK

Lake Herridge Lodge
Bear and moose hunting north of Sturgeon Falls and North Bay. A mere 54 miles north of North Bay is Lake Herridge Lodge, a family oriented fishing and hunting camp set in the scenic tranquility of the Temagami Wilderness Forest. Combine this with comfort of our well maintained cottages, the attention to detail and the option of American Plan dining and you have to look no further than Lake Herridge Lodge for the perfect getaway.

Mountain Home Lodge
Situated in one of the best areas in Northeastern Ontario for your hunting adventure. Located just north of North Bay, Ontario in Marten River; our bear management unit is within the boundaries of Wildlife Management Units 40 and 41. We offer a very professional and successful spring and fall bear hunt over baited stands, transportation to and from stands and assistance with harvested bears. All our bear hunting packages also include a housekeeping cottage, and regular boat rental (fuel included). All stands are located in our bear management area, and are accessible by water, vehicle, or ATV. Bear stands are secluded to give you the best opportunity to harvest your bear, while enjoying what nature has to offer. Bear stands are fixed, with a sturdy ladder, and railings for your safety. We have stands designated for rifle and or archery hunters. “Come visit the quiet wild with us ! “

Olive the Lake
Olive the Lake was honoured to host The Beasley brothers and their award winning show, Canada in the Rough in 2013. This was an amazing experience for everyone involved, and they harvested a 375 pound and a 625 pound black bear! View a trailer for the show here and watch for the show in 2014. With the launch of the 2014 Spring Bear Hunt, Ontario residents can enjoy a spring hunting vacation, as Olive the Lake has bear stands in BMA 41, an approved area for the spring hunt. We also have stands in BMA’s 40 and 41 for fall hunting. Bear hunting packages include properly baited stands, comfortable accommodations featuring Tempur Pedic mattresses, tracking and transportation assistance, and can also include a boat and motor or food package, for an additional fee. Contact Olive the Lake today for a quote on your customized bear hunting vacation.

Red Cedar Lake Camp
Red Cedar Lake Camp offers excellent hunting for Moose, Black Bear, Snowshoe Hare, Ducks, Spruce and Ruffed Grouse. Our camp is located in WMU(s) 40 and 41 all on crown land with lots of logging trails accessible within minutes from our front door. We have available topographical maps of the areas and can assist you in finding the right spot to make your hunt a successful hunt.