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A Thrilling Bear Hunt in Algoma Country: A Friendly Foray into the Wild

In the heart of Ontario lies Algoma Country, a pristine wilderness that offers outdoor enthusiasts a thrilling bear hunting adventure. The region boasts a healthy population of black bears, making it an ideal location for hunters seeking the perfect spot for a memorable experience.

One’s journey into Algoma’s lush landscape begins with the crisp air, filled with the scent of pine and damp earth. The dense Canadian forests beckon, inviting hunters to immerse themselves in this remarkable region. As they traverse the terrain, they’ll feel a sense of awe and excitement, knowing that they’re in the midst of something truly special.

Bear hunting in Algoma Country is not just about the chase; it’s also an opportunity to learn about these majestic creatures and their natural habitat. Expert guides in the region provide valuable insights and safety tips, ensuring a successful and responsible hunt. Their wealth of knowledge enhances the experience, allowing hunters to appreciate the bears and their environment on a deeper level.

As the day comes to an end and the sun sets over the horizon, hunters gather around a campfire to share their stories, reliving the day’s excitement. The camaraderie felt among fellow hunters and the newfound respect for these magnificent animals make bear hunting in Algoma Country a truly unforgettable experience.

Embarking on a bear hunt in Algoma Country is more than just a thrilling adventure; it’s an opportunity to engage with nature, connect with fellow outdoor enthusiasts, and create lasting memories.

Black Bear Hunting Outfitters near Chapleau, East Algoma, North Channel, Thessalon, Mississagi Valley, Elliot Lake, Blind River, Spanish, Sault Ste Marie, White River, Wawa and Hornpayne.

Northern Walleye Lodge Bear Hunts – Hunting at Northern Walleye Lodge is truly a sportsman’s paradise. We limit the number of hunters per week and per season to make every effort to ensure a quality hunt. Hunting areas are located on the edge of the Chapleau Game Preserve. What could be better than hunting and fishing all in the same trip and all at the same price? This package is truly a sportsman’s dream. Bear hunting includes the use of a boat and motor for two hunters in the party. Access to bait station by boat or ATV are available. Includes accommodations; personal guides to baited area; baited area assigned based on physical needs or weapon selection; daily bait; daily boat gas; over 300 square kilometers of bear country on the edge of the Chapleau Game Preserve; all hunts are fair chase hunts; assistance with retrieval of downed animal; freezer service; and clean, screened accommodations for process.

Kanipahow Wilderness Resort –  Black bear hunting has been a time-honored family tradition for over forty years. We pride ourselves in having a world class Black bear hunting resort. Our whole family is trained and experienced with black bear hunting techniques which has resulted in a 90% success rate for our customers. Rifle hunters can take advantage of strategically placed tree stands with clear view of the hunt area. Bow hunters can take advantage of portable tree stands to maximize their targeting strategies. We bait our black bears with a secret family recipe made up of pork, fish, beef, poultry and other ingredients and scents. This mix is placed out in the target zone weeks before your black bear hunt thus maximizing the return of the black bear.

Moose Horn Lodge – Located near Chapleau and Wawa. We offer a quality fall black bear hunt with an excellent success rate & great personal service. Clientele primarily repeat business, new hunters they bring with them & word of mouth. Over 1000 square miles of exclusive hunting area.